Thursday, February 28, 2013

Privacy Policy

Braands Privacy Policy Section privacy policy for custumers who want to buy sofa furniture from our site. Before buying the product better custumer read our privacy policy for future secure.

1. Personal Information never ask for custumer personal information like email, name, phone, account bank, address and other personal information. Why? because our site only review the product for custumers. If the custumer want to buy it, thus custumers will be direct to amazon site. so we never ask for your personal information.

2. Non Personal Information

Our website also use google analytic service. All your non personal information will automatic record by google analytic. This non personal information include your IP address, your internet provider, your computer language and your operating system and other non personal information will record by google analytic.

3. Changes Of this statement

We may will changes a little or all the privacy policy if we feel need to change without tell the custumers first. If you have question about this cahges statement you can email us at -

4. Cookies

Cookies are a service from browser to record all the website you visit. We used cookies to record all people that visit our site. So we will know you if you visit our website again with the cookies and ip address. therefor you can also delet cookies every time at your computer.

5. Google adsenses

In the future we may be will join venture with google adsense. If this happen you will see the advertsiment from addsense. If you click the add you can leave our website and direct to the other website.

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